Shanghai Tower Forum: Digital Transformation of Urban Operations Theme Forum


On December 23, a theme forum titled "Empowering Urban Operations through Digital Transformation" took place at Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China. The forum brought together government officials, experts, and enterprise representatives from various fields related to urban operations and digitization. They shared exemplary cases of digital transformation in urban operations and participated in profound discussions on the subject of digital governance and the development of Shanghai's intricate and vast megacity system.


As a newly launched brand campaign guided by the Shanghai Chengtou Group and Lujiazui Administration Bureau, the Shanghai Tower Forum serves as a platform for professionals in related sectors. Following the theme of "Green, Smart, and Culture", the forum regularly invites experts to discuss topics that are aligned with current trends and presented from the perspective of young individuals, thus igniting the power of collective wisdom. Its primary objective is to enhance the brand value of Shanghai Tower as a cultural landmark, and elevate its reputation and influence as a prominent brand. Since its inception, the Shanghai Tower Forum has successfully hosted seven events, covering a range of topics such as studying and implementing the principles outlined at the 20thNational Congress of the Communist Party of China, embracing green and low-carbon initiatives, exploring the metaverse, promoting tea culture, urban renewal, showcasing Dunhuang culture, and advocating for the vertical marathon. This forum is part of the "Smart" series of events under the Shanghai Tower Forum and is jointly organized by Shanghai Tower and INESA Intelligent Tech Inc.




Currently, regions and industries are actively embracing the Digital China Plan, resulting in the rapid development of smart cities. Coinciding with the forum, Shanghai Digital Transformation Week recently concluded, highlighting the strategic planning, significant projects, exemplary scenarios, and innovative utilization of digital technologies in Shanghai's transformation journey. This comprehensive showcase effectively demonstrated the remarkable achievements and valuable experiences attained through Shanghai's digital transformation. The theme forum on that day focused on the field of urban operations, particularly the digital transformation of Shanghai as a mega-city, which garnered significant attention.

During the theme-sharing session at the forum, experts and enterprise representatives delivered captivating presentations. Tong Hongwei, Deputy General Manager of the Technology and Information Department of Shanghai Chengtou Group, gave a talk titled "Digital Shanghai Chengtou Makes Urban Life Better". He introduced how Shanghai Chengtou Group, as the main force, vanguard, and pioneer in Shanghai's urban construction and operational management, has fully integrated into the city's digital transformation in recent years. They have seized the opportunity and promoted the development of "Digital Shanghai Chengtou" to enhance urban operational capabilities, tirelessly striving to achieve the corporate vision of making urban life better. Chen Zhengwei, Executive Vice President of the INESA Smart City Design & Research Institute and Chief Architect of INESA Intelligent Tech Inc., discussed the background, policies, and current state of development regarding urban digital transformation. He shared the practices and explorations of INESA and INESA Intelligent Tech Inc. in the field of urban digital transformation, focusing on their service models such as top-level design, standard specifications, and integrated operation and management.




During the subsequent roundtable discussion, the exploration of digital transformation in urban operations became more in-depth. The guests engaged in in-depth discussions on various areas of digital transformation in urban operations, such as smart buildings, smart highways, and smart water, and delved into urban digital transformation in the context of dual carbon goals. They not only shared excellent cases and valuable experiences but also analyzed the difficulties and challenges. Their comprehensive examples and insightful discussions were highly inspiring and even ignited anticipation for a promising vision of urban digital governance.



The guests agreed that digitization has become an important engine for promoting high-quality development. Advancing the digital transformation of urban operations is an inevitable requirement for urban development in the context of rapid advancements in emerging technologies. The urban digital transformation requires the participation of various parties. The digital economy particularly calls for enterprises like Shanghai Chengtou Group and INESA to play a leading role in its development. Together, they can contribute their valuable insights and propose effective strategies to drive the digital transformation of urban operations and intelligent upgrading of industries.


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