Shanghai Tower’s key engineering tech project wins major award



The key engineering technology project of Shanghai Tower won the grand prize at the 2018 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards in May 2019. The prize recognizes the highest level of international construction technology, which represents the development trend of the world’s super high-rise buildings.


The project, carried out by senior engineer Gong Jian and other staff members from Shanghai Construction Group Co Ltd, applied technologies with high level of difficulties and achieved several global firsts.


The craftmanship, humanities culture and strict management of Shanghai Construction Group Co Ltd has led to technological innovations such as the key construction technologies for deep bored cast-in-place piles and the world’s largest pressure concrete delivery pump as well as the “Vertical City” concept that divided the building into nine “neighborhoods” lying on top of each other, each of which consists of 12 to 15 floors, covering a total surface area of 380,000 square meters.


Over the past three years, the key engineering skills of Shanghai Tower have been applied in more than 200 high-rise buildings in China.


Shanghai Tower has won nearly 100 invention patents at home and abroad and ranked first among all projects winning the special prize and first prize at the 2018 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards.


These scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights have been included in more than 20 national, industrial and provincial standards and specifications, which has greatly promoted the technological progress, transformation and upgrading of China’s construction industry.




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