Shanghai Tower Collection is on floor 118 of Shanghai Tower and floor B2 in the sightseeing area. It boasts a beautiful and comfortable environment and a variety of souvenirs and original household items that meet tourists’ recreational and shopping needs. With the help of experienced shopping guides, tourists can always find the souvenirs they want in the open display area of products. Also, they can take home memories of this wonderful trip with a tower-visiting souvenir photo.


Tel: (8621) 20656986
Inquiry time: 9am-6pm, Monday through Sunday

Design concept:

Originality marks the store where most of the products are stamped with a Shanghai Tower mark. These souvenirs, designed by many artists and illustrators, are all mind-blowing. And Shanghai Tower has worked with world-famous brands to develop its own products that meet tourists’ varied needs.

Design concept
Product Categories

Product Categories:

The store provides souvenirs in six categories: 1. Stationary: Cardcases, bookmarks, notebooks, etc; 2. Tourism: Postcards, maps, pendants, etc; 3. Clothing: Hats, hoodies, scarves etc; 4. Home appliances: Vases, back cushions, wood carvings, etc; 5. Food: candies, cookies, tea etc; and 6. Playthings: Puzzles, educational toys, stuffed toys, etc.

Special services:

Special services

Online shopping:

Tourists can scan the QR code and shop at the Wechat online shop if they don’t have enough time to buy souvenirs in the tower.

Custom-made products:

The store has developed custom-made products for many groups and companies.

Easy Pay:

Tourists can pay by cash, deposit card, credit card, Wechat Payment, Alipay and etc.

Scan the QR code to enter the YouShop of Shanghai Tower Collection

Scan the QR code to enter the YouShop of Shanghai Tower Collection

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