Shanghai City Promotion Convention Held in Shanghai Tower Demonstrating the Charm of Shanghai to the World


On November 6th during the 4th CIIE, the 2021 Shanghai City Promotion Convention with the theme of "Embracing the CIIE and Sharing a Future" was held in the Shanghai Tower. Li Qiang, Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shanghai, made the keynote promotion. Officials of Shanghai Wu Qing, Zhuge Yujie and Zong Ming attended the conference. Jiang Shujie, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai Chengtou Group attended the conference on behalf of the company.


As one of the important activities during the CIIE, the Shanghai City Promotion Convention was an important stage for introducing Shanghai, spreading the image of Shanghai, demonstrating the charm of Shanghai and sharing the opportunities of Shanghai. Therefore, it attracted much attention from all parties.


It was the third time that the Shanghai Tower had served as venue of the conference, which was because of not just the representative significance of the Shanghai Tower, but also the trust in and recognition of the service level and supporting abilities of the team of Shanghai Tower.


To ensure smooth progress of the event, the Shanghai Tower carefully prepared and actively communicated with all parties. From route planning, venue decoration and epidemic prevention measures to conference support, every detail had been repeatedly considered. All the detailed, practical and adequate work was meant to build a new window of service for the CIIE, a new experience of tourist services and a new benchmark for services of the industry, and showcase the high-quality services of the Chengtou Group.



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