Sky632 Art Space Premiered at Shanghai Tower


On December 31, the premiere ceremony of Shanghai Tower SKY632 Art Space was successfully held at Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China. Yang Maoduo, Deputy Party Secretary and Chairman of the Labor Union of the Chengtou Group, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Teng Junjie, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Sun Yu, Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of Pudong New Area, Zhang Kuitang, Director of the Tourism Division of Pudong New Area Administration of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Yuan Yefeng, Deputy Director of the Lujiazui Administration of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration, Sha Xiaolan, Chairman and Chief Designer of Beijing Funshine, Mi Qiu, a well-known cross-border artist and creator of "The Eye", and executives of the Shanghai Tower attended the premiere ceremony. After more than a month of brilliant transformation, the space showed up with a stunning interactive and immersive interpretation of lighting technologies, attracting the public's attention.


Scheduled to be unveiled on January 1, 2022, the SKY632 Art Space is located on the 126th floor of Shanghai Tower at the vertical height of 583.4 meters. It is currently the world's highest immersive interactive space featuring a damper, with a strong multi-dimensional experience.




SKY632 is the first flagship project developed by Shanghai Tower and Beijing Funshine Culture Media, which integrates the comprehensive strengths of business planning, investment, artistic interpretation of lighting technologies, operation, etc. In the future, the two companies will continue to cultivate the maket in the Yangtze River Delta and radiate the influence to the whole country, will implement the state's Cultural and Tourism Development Plan in the 14th Five-Year Period and focus on the development ideas of integrated innovation and energizing by culture proposed in the above plan. Centering on Shanghai's plan to accelerate the development of Shanghai into an international consumption center and to cultivate the brand of Shanghai Tourism and develop it into a renowned brand, the two companies will strive to develop immersive, digital artistic landmark projects and actively explore and expand new technical and cultural, interactive and immersive operation models of cultural tourism.




In his speech, Secretary Yang Maoduo wished the premiere of Shanghai Tower SKY632 Art Space a complete success. He said that the Art Space is the first flagship project elaborately developed by Shanghai Tower and Funshine Culture. Having integrated the advantageous landmark resources, cutting-edge lighting technologies and extraordinary cultural creativity, it is not only an active exploration of the immersive and experiential expansion of the cultural tourism industry, but also a bold attempt to develop new spaces for the building economy and show the new charm of cultural buildings. It allows tourists to taste on site the unique charm of the tallest building in China and the cultural temperament of Shanghai through the distinguished experience on the clouds.



During the construction period, the Shanghai Tower had creatively combined the spaces of the 125th and 126th floors, making the height of the entire Art Space reach 23 meters. On the 125th floor is installed the world's first eddy current pendulum damper independently developed by China, weighing 1,000 tons, the heaviest in the world. On the 126th floor above the damper is the sculpture "The Eye" with a unique shape. The idea came from the "Eye of the Candle Dragon" in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. It symbolizes a beautiful wish. High-tech functional machines and romantic artistic creativity meet in the sky, bringing about a most extraordinary experience.



The upgraded SKY632 Art Space takes on a brand new look. 480 point light sources are projected to the roof of the space, creating a starry sky; six kinds of laser beams are radiated from 136 machines, presenting ever-changing lights and shadows; 244 loudspeakers and a circular dome create holographic sound effects for the accurate positioning of sounds; with 26 laser projectors and 8 sensors, when the damper swings in the wind, it will trigger multiple sets of sensors tailored to it. The dynamic data captured in real time will stimulate thousands of varied combinations of music, images and lights. Everything has been designed through sophisticated calculation. The integration of technologies and art, and the real-time interaction between man and space, man and nature, are transformed into a fantastic natural audiovisual feast. And each performance is unique.





The production team of SKY632 has excellent creation and production cabilities and rich project experience in the fields of large cultural events, artistic interpretation of lighting technologies, etc. The project integrates the multi-dimensional artistic expression means of multimedia images, music, lighting, projection and laser into one. Under the macro framework of "audio-picture interaction" and "overall media arrangement", the show presents a combined experience in the senses of hearing, vision and touch through the interactive experience of three chapters. The dialogue with wind allows visitors to feel the rhythm of nature.


The splendid lights and shadows create a mysterious and ethereal effect. It seems one can see the growth of all things, the cycle of four seasons, and the changes in the order of nature. When visitors touch the 24 columns of laser strings representing the rotation of time, the images and music generated will be unique. When those images and music are intertwined with the natural images and sounds generated in real time, it will give visitors a unique customized interactive experience.




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