At the Top of Shanghai , There Is a Bookstore "Floating in the Clouds"


On the 52nd floor at the height of 239 meters in the Shanghai Tower, there is a bookstore with a beautiful name — Duoyun Books (duoyun means clouds). Because of its particularly high location, it is known as "a bookstore floating in the clouds".



On the afternoon of May 8th, two days before the 2021 China Brand Day event, The visited the bookstore at the highest altitude in Shanghai, which has become a famous check-in spot.

On August 12, 2019, the flagship store of Duoyun Books "at the top of Shanghai" was officially opened on the 52nd floor at the height of 239 meters in the Shanghai Tower. It is a new urban cultural landmark facing the world created by the Century Duoyun company after the Duoyun Books Guangfulin Store in the Songjiang District that is known as "the root of Shanghai".



The reporter saw at the scene that the flagship store of Duoyun Books designed under the "landscape · wonderland" concept is set in a space of more than 2,200 square meters, in which huge mountain-shaped bookshelves are laid out in a loose and well-organized manner, like a scroll of vivid flowing ink painting.

The bookstore is divided into seven functional zones, integrating book displays, art exhibitions, cultural activities and leisure services. In the space there are some highly stylized reading and activity zones. The "Graceful House in the Clouds" zone has gathered many excellent books of the Century Edition in fields of academic studies & social sciences, arts & humanities, science & technology education, etc. In the "Shanghai Arts" zone, art exhibitions and large events are held regularly. The north-south sky garden "Cape of Good Hope" combines the external natural scenery and the internal cultural landscape. You can enjoy both the scenery in the clouds and the sights on paper.



The bookstore displays 16,000 kinds of books, including more than 1,100 kinds of foreign books totaling more than 3,300 volumes. There are also 100 kinds of Chinese and English periodicals. Regarding the selection and presentation of book content, the bookstore maintains a high-grade and international selection direction based on its close cooperation with domestic and foreign scholars, experts, publishers, media professionals and internationally renowned bookstores and reading organizations.

First, the bookstore introduced the offline Douban high-score study for the first time in a special zone. It selected nearly 1,000 kinds of Douban high-score books and dynamically recommends wonderful book reviews from "Douban fans" to readers, making an optimized integration of the online content transmissibility of Douban and the offline cultural influence of the Century Publishing Group. Second, on the basis of the original "small and beautiful" sample in Sinan Books, cooperation was made once again with the London Review Bookshop, one of the "world's top ten bookstores", and a special cooperation zone was set up, with the area expanded and variety increased. In partnership with the London Review Bookshop, Duoyun carefully selected about 300 kinds of new English books. The collection will be updated regularly. Third, famous writers, scholars and artists have been invited to create 20 "Bookshelves with Attitude" totaling 400 kinds of selected books. Through the in-depth reading recommendation lists, they provide readers with multi-field and diversified reading references and coordinates.

According to the bookstore, since its opening in 2019, the flagship store of Duoyun Books has hosted more than 100 reading and cultural activities, serving more than 800,000 readers. This year it will continue to host various cultural events and some themed exhibitions celebrating the centenary of CPC's founding.



The "Top of Shanghai" Reading Club is a reading activity brand elaborately developed by the flagship store of Duoyun Books. It gathers high-quality cultural resources in various fields and opens to writers, scholars and readers at home and abroad. Featuring the "launch of new books", the club is held in forms of new book release meetings, new book sharing meetings, meeting-writer events, etc. It aims to create a regularly opened "Shanghai Culture Parlor" representing the height of Shanghai's ideology and culture. So far, 76 sessions have been held. To enhance the image and role of the "Top of Shanghai Reading Club" as Shanghai's cultural signature, the "Century Duoyun" company launched the "Debut in Shanghai" series. With "Shanghai", "peak" and "debut" as the core standards, and around the dimensions of "Shanghai-themed", Shanghai writers, and "published in Shanghai", the series introduces the latest masterpieces to readers.

Besides, the bookstore also actively explores new cultural activities, such as music sharing meetings, white spirit tasting meetings, private handicraft classes, etc. In terms of art exhibitions, a series of high-quality themed exhibitions are held regularly, focusing on revolution culture, Shanghai culture and Jiangnan culture. The distinctive exhibitions that the bookstore has held up to now include the "Homeland" exhibition during the 2019 International Literary Week Shanghai, the exhibition on the theme of Nobel Prize in Literature, the public welfare exhibition "Meet Beautiful Culture in the West · See Dunhuang in the Clouds", Jin Yucheng's solo print exhibition "Clouds · Flowers", etc. In 2020, the flagship store of Duoyun Books was honored to host the Shanghai sub-fair of the 27th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), which further enhanced its brand influence.

Chen Yiping, Senior Reporter of The

Photos in this article were taken by Chen Yiping, reporter of The

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