Shanghai Tower Launched "Digital Sentry" and Offers 24h Response to Tenant Needs


Picture: The people left on duty in the tower queue up for nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner. Source: Provided by the interviewee (the same below)

After the epidemic prevention and control had achieved some phased results, the Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China and a responsible enterprise, began to make every effort to prepare for the resumption of work and production on the basis of ensuring thorough, safe, stable and controllable epidemic prevention and control.


15 Sets of "Digital Sentry" Deployed

The Shanghai Tower carries out timely, normalized cleaning and disinfection of the public areas, logistics areas, elevator halls and other key places of the tower, to ensure 100% environmental safety; explains the epidemic prevention requirements in advance to the commercial tenants in the tower designated to ensure adequate supply, studies countermeasures for every need proposed by enterprises, such as material entry, garbage removal and employee access, and tries the best to meet the demands on the premise of meeting the epidemic prevention standards; actively implements the epidemic prevention requirements, posts the "Site QR Code" at the main entrances and exits of the tower, and has purchased and deployed 15 sets of "digital sentry"; issues in advance a notice of resumption of work and production centering on the key points of the flow of people, materials and vehicles, and explains relevant epidemic prevention policies in detail.

Regarding the business forms of culture and tourism, the Shanghai Tower actively upgrades its software and hardware, and makes every effort to prepare for the resumption of work and production. To improve the experience of tourists when entering the Observation Deck at the top of Shanghai, the Observation Deck is actively promoting the docking of its ticketing system with the Shanghai Color Code. When completed, the ticketing system will realize the upgrade of its functions of identity checking and epidemic prevention inspection and allow citizens and tourists to fully enjoy the tower with a single QR Code. The J Hotel has carried out comprehensive disinfection and strengthened check-in registration and epidemic prevention management according to the plan for resumption of work and production. It also actively optimizes the internal resources of the hotel to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Checking Office Spaces on the "Cloud"

Centering on the goal of double victories in epidemic prevention and control and operation development, the Shanghai Tower actively explores new models, leverages new development, expands new projects, allows the staff's intelligence and abilities to be tested in the front line of operation, and does the best to minimize the losses caused by the epidemic.

The Business Operations Company continues to display advantages of the spaces through "checking on the cloud" and other ways, explore new clients and maintain high adhesion with deferred clients, focuses on coordinating with the New Retail Center and the Tour632 travel agency to integrate resources and attract tourists, and uses the official account and the video account on WeChat, the TikTok account, other self-media accounts and the online mall to introduce summer series products in advance and lock future activity arrangements by presale, “quenching thirst at hand with water afar” and maintaining the promotion force and the brand awareness.

The Shanghai Tower actively participates in the strategic positioning, activity planning and other special programs of the Pudong New Area Management Committee and makes use of the tower's superior resources to participate in the planning of Lin-gang Special Area and other activities. It has established a preparatory working group for the operation around the Dishui Lake to orderly promote implementation of the operation project around the Dishui Lake. Taking the good opportunity of piloting regional property management in Lin-gang Special Area, it discussed with Chengtou Xinggang and Chengtou Assets on investing in the establishment of a new joint venture to jointly expand the regional property management market in Lin-gang. It strives to effectively output the operation and management standards of commercial complexes with the characteristics of Shanghai Tower.



Picture: A staff member of Shanghai Tower's property management is disinfecting the environment.

24-hour Response to Tenant Needs

When the tower entered the lockdown management, some financial tenants in the tower chose to stay in the office. According to the control requirements, the employees having stayed should be within the office most of the time. During this period, the basic living needs of them were supported by the staff of Shanghai Tower. From three meals a day to supplies distribution, from orderly arrangement of nucleic acid testing to emergency maintenance, the considerate and helpful attendants of the property management company did their best to meet clients' needs. Responsive all the time, they also made efforts to meet clients' individual needs: customizing Muslim food for relevant tenants staying in the tower and providing haircut service for the tenants having stayed, which won unanimous high comments from the tenants.

To ensure that the tenants' employees working at home were never disconnected from the office during the lockdown period, the customer service team of the Shanghai Tower remained online around the clock to respond any time to the needs of the tenants working at home. The employees having stayed formed a volunteer team that was on standby all the time. They entered offices of the tenants with no employees staying in the tower and helped look for documents, water flowers, feed fish, clean up expired food, etc. Considering the characteristics of catering tenants, the property management staff regularly entered the kitchens and other workplaces to carry out the ignition test on kitchen ventilators and the water discharge test on oil separators, and inspect all kinds of water, electrical and gas equipment one by one, which laid a foundation for the resumption of work and production.


Picture: An employee having stayed of the tenants is having a haircut arranged by the Shanghai Tower.

Cheering for Shanghai

The Shanghai Tower actively assumes the responsibilities of a state-owned enterprise, strives to overcome its own operation difficulties, started the work of rent reduction and exemption at the earliest time, and fully implemented the new measures for the implementation of relief policies. Through a comprehensive online and offline survey of tenant information, the company timely prepared a rent reduction and exemption plan and released a rent exemption announcement. It provided the maximum convenience for enterprises to handle the rent exemption procedures and made effort to ensure the full, uncompromised implementation of the policy of "exempting rent when necessary and possible". It supported enterprises with practical actions to go through the difficult times and effectively transferred love and care to the end users of the market and to the hearts of tenants. Also, in response to the requests about property fees, parking fees and others put forward by some enterprises, the Shanghai Tower formulated some user-friendly plans for the property-related fees from March to May, such as monthly parking extension, opening or refunding according to the affected time and the different situations of online and offline users and companies and individual users.

As a well-known landmark in Shanghai, the Shanghai Tower is duty-bound to fulfill its social responsibilities. Since March, it has continuously played "Cheer up, Shanghai! We are one!" on the display screen at the tower's crown to boost confidence and encourage the people to fight together against the difficulties. On April 1, the Shanghai Tower and other buildings in the area of Little Lujiazui lit up such slogans as "I Love Shanghai" and "Safeguard Our Home" to cheer for the epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai. During the Labor Day holidays, the crown of Shanghai Tower lit up the slogan "Salute to Every Worker, Thank You to Every Protector of Shanghai, Cheer up, Shanghai", to pay tribute to workers and appreciate the protectors of Shanghai. On May 4th, the tower's crown paid tribute to the young people fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control with "Be Young, Be United, Cheer up and Fight for Shanghai".

The Shanghai Tower also mobilized the employees who were members of the Party, the Labor Union or the Communist Youth League to actively participate in community volunteer activities. As of May 5, 37 Party members had participated in community support, serving a total of 266 person-times and working for about 1,040 hours.

Reporter of Xinmin Evening News: Yang Yuhong

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