Shanghai Tower Hosts Shanghai Tower Forum on Dunhuang Culture


On July 29, a Dunhuang culture-themed Shanghai Tower Forum titled "Inheriting Dunhuang Culture, Sustaining Silk Road Brilliance" was held at Shanghai Tower, China's tallest building. Yang Maoduo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of Shanghai Chengtou Group Corporation, attended and addressed the forum. Su Bomin, President of Dunhuang Academy, Xiao Yeying, Member of the Leading Party Members' Group and Deputy Director General of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Tang Shifen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Museum, and Peng Weifen, Deputy Director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Pudong New Area Committee and Deputy Director General of the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Bureau of Pudong New Area, attended the forum together with heads from relevant departments of Lujiazui Financial City Authority and units directly under Shanghai Chengtou.



Under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Dunhuang Academy, Shanghai Chengtou and Lujiazui Financial City Authority, the urban renewal-themed forum is co-sponsored by Shanghai Tower and Shanghai Art Education Commission.


At the forum, Shanghai Tower and Dunhuang Academy signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Yang Maoduo expressed three expectations for cooperation between the two sides:

First, the two sides should maintain self-confidence and self-reliance to build a new highland for the inheritance of intangible heritage. For thousands of years, Chinese and Western civilizations have converged and integrated in Dunhuang. In the process of continuous development, new dimensions have been added to these civilizations, forming Dunhuang culture with its unique character, tradition and spirit, which not only inherits the essence of traditional Chinese culture but also shines together with other human civilizations. Yang hopes that Shanghai Tower and Dunhuang Academy will better shoulder the new cultural mission in the new era, unite with one heart and one mind and move forward hand in hand, share resources and platforms, create new expression forms, broaden channels and carriers, and demonstrate the spiritual concept and rich connotation of the millennium-old Dunhuang culture at a high starting point and a high level. They should cultivate cultural confidence while inheriting the intangible heritage, foster a firmer sense of purpose of the Chinese people while carrying forward traditions, and make Dunhuang culture shine more brilliantly at the top of Shanghai.

Second, the two sides should stand out and achieve remarkable results in creating a new benchmark for cultural communication. The open and inclusive Dunhuang culture is an oriental model of mutual learning and diversified integration of human civilizations, thus carrying the gene of globalization. Shanghai Tower, with high international attention and wide brand influence, is a landmark and window of Shanghai. The two sides need to, with the culture and brand as media, join hands to actively explore new methods and paths for cultural communication and brand promotion, create more cultural communication platforms and expand brand promotion channels. Through cooperation, they should brighten the golden-lettered signboard and show the world the profoundness of traditional Chinese culture at multiple levels and from multiple angles and display the charm of contemporary China in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional manner.


Third, the two sides should pursue rapid development through a new model of culture-tourism integration. The millennium-old Dunhuang highlights the beauty of the oriental culture and displays the traditional Chinese style. Shanghai Tower combines both Chinese and international elements, with the oriental charm standing out. The two sides should strengthen sincere cooperation and learn from each other's strengths. In such aspects as culture-tourism integration, culture-based academic research activities, cultural forum organization and cultural and creative product development, they need to further deepen exchanges and cooperation, further broaden the fields of cooperation, comprehensively empower development, turn cultural soft power into strong support for development together, and jointly promote the creative transformation and innovative development of China's fine traditional culture.


Later, Su Bomin, President of Dunhuang Academy, and Li Ping, head of cultural promotion department at Dunhuang Academy, delivered speeches titled "Conservation of Mogao Grottoes—Witnessing the Spirit of Mogao" and "Promoting Dunhuang Grottoes" respectively. Their speeches brought the spirit of Mogao vividly before the attendees' eyes. With this admirable and inspiring spirit, the Dunhuang people are willing to dedicate themselves to the protection of Mogao Grottoes in the desert, are brave to take on responsibilities, and are committed to making progress in this aspect.


During the roundtable discussion, Li Ping, artist Mi Qiu, Mei Xue from Shanghai Tower Business Operations Co., Ltd. and other guests had cordial dialogues and exchanges with student representatives. These guests taught the students how to better understand the millennium-old Dunhuang culture and its importance in Chinese history. They also patiently and skillfully elucidated the importance and urgency of inheriting Dunhuang culture in the new era, explaining it in an easy, comprehensible way to the students. This further ignited the students' love for and attracted their attention to Dunhuang culture.


According to the three-year strategic cooperation agreement between Shanghai Tower and Dunhuang Academy, the two sides will pool their high-quality resources to jointly explore new practices in the dissemination of Dunhuang culture in the new era and create a new model for culture-tourism integration. To be specific, they will focus on cooperation in such aspects as culture-tourism integration, culture-based academic research activities and cultural and creative product development. More projects will be jointly implemented in the future to inherit and carry forward Dunhuang culture in the new era. The agreement marks the second cooperation between the two sides. In 2018, they cooperated with some other parties to hold a large-scale exhibition on Dunhuang culture. At the activity, visitors could see duplicates of equal sizes of well-known caves, such as Mogao Cave 285, and precious scriptures from the relevant cave. They could also enjoy immersive experience of an exhibition supported by the naked-eye 3D display technology.After the forum, "Mogao School" organized a special experience class in Shanghai Tower, with the lesson given by Mr. Chai Qilin, head of Mogao School, deputy head of cultural promotion department at Dunhuang Academy, and General Manager of Dunhuang Art Co., Ltd. Mogao School is an academic research brand built by Dunhuang Academy to promote learning through research, enabling participants to experience Dunhuang's extensive and profound traditional culture and its charm at close range, and feel the cultural confidence. This experience class is also a solid step forward in implementing the strategic cooperation agreement between Shanghai Tower and Dunhuang Academy.

This is the latest activity on hot topics held by Shanghai Tower Forum. As one of the important IP events of Shanghai Tower, the forum focuses on "Green, Intelligence and Culture". It invites professionals and celebrities from relevant industries and fields to exchange and share their ideas. Their discussions usually revolve around hot topics and trends, which provoke deep thinking and attract high attention from all parties.


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