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On June 10, a theme forum, Urban Renewal: Creating High-quality Development Spaces, was held at Shanghai Tower, China's tallest building. Government officials, experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from relevant fields reviewed Shanghai's efforts in practicing the concept of "people's city" in urban renewal over the past few years. They also conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as promoting urban renewal with high quality and establishing more sustainable urban renewal models.

The urban renewal theme forum was guided by Shanghai Chengtou Holding and Lujiazui Financial City Authority and co-sponsored by Shanghai Tower and Municipal Infrastructure and Urban Operation & Maintenance Special Committee of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.

With social and economic development, China's urban development has made its way into a vital period of urban renewal. The country is seeing enthusiastic investment in this sector nationwide. Relevant policies and regulations have been released to improve institutional mechanisms and explore various implementation modes. First-tier cities represented by Shanghai are trailblazers in urban renewal. Following the Regulation of Shanghai Municipality on Urban Renewal issued in 2021, the Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee approved the Urban Renewal Action of Shanghai (2023-2025) in February this year. Chen Jining, Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, conducted several investigations on urban renewal in April and highlighted at the joint consultation meeting on thematic education research topics of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee held on June 7, "We should thoroughly study and implement the visions outlined at the 20th CPC National Congress and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Shanghai, conscientiously practice the concept of 'people's city', further deepen our understanding of Shanghai's master plans, and speed up urban renewal grounded on strengthening urban functions, optimizing urban layout, and improving urban quality."

Responding to the importance attached to urban renewal by the central government and local governments at all levels, enterprises including Shanghai Chengtou Holding made great contributions to this sector. They have developed many successful projects, covering historical and cultural preservation areas, industrial land transformation, TOD site update, industrial transformation and upgrading, smart industry platforms and other types. For example, the comprehensive transportation reconstruction for the Bund has reproduced the area's style and reshaped its functions. It is a great example of "leaving the best resources" to the people and also a successful practice of intensive land use. The Luxiangyuan project has discovered innovative protection paths for old city renewal.

Experts and enterprise representatives also shared their opinions at the forum. They made incisive comments on Shanghai's history and future development trends of urban renewal, protection and utilization of excellent historical buildings, design and practice of "One River and One Creek", and the role of architectural design in urban renewal. The vivid cases and the guests' professional and spellbinding speeches aroused the interest of the audience.

The subsequent roundtable discussion saw more in-depth discussions on urban renewal. The guests present made witty, enlightening remarks on the planning and layout of urban renewal in Lujiazui Financial City, the new spaces and opportunities for urban renewal in Lujiazui, the renovation of Shanghai's transportation infrastructure, intensive land use, organic urban renewal and other aspects.

The guests agreed that all market entities involved in urban renewal should actively respond to the call of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal People's Government, uphold the people-centered development concept, accurately understand the direction and other overarching issues of urban renewal, promote higher-quality urban renewal, explore the establishment of a more effective, economical and sustainable urban renewal mechanism. With such efforts, they can contribute to making new headway in "Better City, Better Life".

This is the latest activity on hot topics held by Shanghai Tower Forum, an important IP event of Shanghai Tower. As a newly launched brand event of Shanghai Tower, with the theme of "Green, Intelligence and Culture", Shanghai Tower Forum regularly invites young professionals in related sectors and fields to learn from each other and exchange ideas on deep topics. It aims to further improve the brand value of Shanghai Tower as a cultural landmark and enhance the brand reputation and influence of Shanghai Tower. Since September 2022, it has hosted an array of activities around green and low-carbon development, learning, promotion and implementation of the visions outlined at the 20th CPC National Congress, metaverse and tea culture, attracting great attention from all parties.




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